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To share is human

Being able to share is the essense of blogging. And to share thoughts, ideas, and new found things are the purpose why bloggers wear their writing hats and post relative articles into their blogs.

To blog is to share and to share is human.

I love to share and I blog. I will be sharing things i'm passionate about. I'll share several technology topics which I know will interest some tech guys, and general topics in life for all.

Here's the uncomplete list of topics Im interested in, together with its description. I'm planning to add more topics so better watch out for it.

1. Featured Download - With this topic I will be presenting downloadable tools and softwares. The product can either be an open-source, free or on trial. I will post How-Tos, reviews for this particular product. Expect this every Monday of each week.

2. Tuesday StumbleUpon - this topic will present interesting websites, weblogs, articles, essay and tools I stumbled upon. Hope this will interest you too.

3. Sunday Reviews - Reviews, reviews, reviews of anything.

I hope some of my topics interests you. If you have a topic that you want me to add just mail me at jayr.anes@gmail.com and i'll be more willing to have it to this blog.


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October 19, 2008 at 7:08 AM

Nice post! Im looking forward to all of it!    

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