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On Traffic, widgets and link

I have been busy updating the sidebar of this blog. As you will notice, I have now a widget for recent visitors which I grabbed from myBlogLog. Also, I added a PayPerPost Direct link in case someone might be interested to have me write stuff on them. And I recently inserted a facebook badge allowing everyone to see and add me on their facebook account. These collective efforts was done on a purpose.

Blog Traffic.

I know, i know. I'm still not there. The effort I have done above will not directly increase the stats that I have right now. (which is now at the level of 23 and all coming from 3 IP addresses: my home and office IP, and my Girlfriend's IP :p).

Of course, not all efforts will be visibly seen on this blog. Some efforts involved signing on community blogs, social network sites and commenting on other bloggers blog. Which i believed are all effective ways to increase site traffic.

There are still lot of efforts to do. And I'm still learning more ways to reach my goal. I will be glad to read your comments.


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